4x4 Earth - The 4WD, Camping, Fishing and Outdoors podcast.

Join James from as he learns about 4 wheel driving, trucks, tracks, places to go and things to do when exploring the 4x4 Earth. He looks at driving and recovery techniques, trucks, mods, bush camping and cooking, fishing and generally enjoying the Great Outdoors. Learn tips and tricks to have a great time in the places that other people can't get to. Do all of this while being safe and looking after the environment.
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4x4 Earth - The 4WD, Camping, Fishing and Outdoors podcast.




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Dec 15, 2015

Resident expert Jason Lock joins us to talk all things Lift Kit and Suspension for your 4x4.  We give you the information you need to choose the right kind of lift for your 4WD, what they different types of lift and suspension are, what can go wrong with lift kits that are illegal or badly designed and what impacts a lift kit can have on your insurance.

Dec 4, 2015

Winches are a really important bit of kit on any 4WD.  Whether you put one on as a bit of insurance, hoping to never use it or if you go offroad expecting to winch out - you need your winch to work.  One of the things that I have been amazed with is the number of times winching has been needed and the winches have failed.  Some winches have a notorious "Water Clause" in them, which means that the warranty is invalidated if they go under water, which means you can't do creek crossings!  Find out which winches are good and which ones have issues in our interview with Swaggie, 4x4earth moderator and winch expert.

Oct 14, 2015

4x4earth runs Australia's largest 4WD weekends away.  Davidman goes through what makes these events so much fun, what everyone does at a 4x4 earth gathering.  More importantly Dave talks about how to organise a 4x4earth gathering.  These gatherings are a really important way for people new to 4 wheel driving to join in and learn the skills of camping, 4 wheel driving and getting out and enjoying our magnificent country.   Our gatherings have grown over time to be Australia's largest free 4WD weekends away.

Oct 5, 2015

It this episode of the 4WD podcast, we discuss with 4x4 expert Jason Lock everything Diff Lock.  What are they, how do they work, when should you use them and what can go wrong. 

Diff Locks are on of those mods that many people think about or get but don't really know how to use them.  Have a listen and hopefully you will learn a little to be a better driver.

Sep 17, 2015

Every weekend hundreds of people all over Australia set out as leaders of a 4WD Trip.  Whether it is just you and a couple of mates or an organised trip with 10 newbies, we discuss with NickJ the things that you should think about before, during and after your big trip out. 

Being a great trip leader is really important because it helps people get out and explore the great outdoors that we have and also introduces new people to 4 wheel driving.  NickJ was the trip leader for the first 4x4earth trip in Victoria all those years ago, so sit back and listen to all of Nicks awesome experiences as a trip leader so we can all go out this weekend and have a great 4WD trip.


Sep 2, 2015

Talbotville Campground was the site for the 6th Annual 4x4earth Victorian Gathering.  Home of some of Australia's iconic tracks, including Blue Rag and Billy Goat's Bluff, there is plenty of amazing 4 wheel driving to be had in this beautiful part of the world.  Find out what went tragically wrong on this trip and the mistakes that James made that resulted in him destroying his Jeep Wrangler.

This is a tragic story, and a fate that has occurred to many other 4 wheel drivers.  Please have a listen and learn from James' mistakes and share the story so we can make sure that more people have a great time out in the bush and go 4 wheel driving without any damage to their vehicles.

We discuss the driving technique that was wrong (a lot of people do this - James wasn't the only one that day with this nasty habit)

We discuss the one accessory that could of saved him.

We discuss some what to do when caught in this situation.

Big shout out to Davids and Mandy for helping us get home!

Have a listen and please share with a mate so we can see less vehicles getting busted like this.

Aug 28, 2015

We talk to Ian Smith, Grumpy on 4x4earth, and discuss the amazing work that he has led with members of Earth to put in bollards, fire pits and to build a Gazebo at O'Tooles Campground, a favorite camping spot for 4 wheel drivers in the region.  In danger of being closed because of hoons wrecking the grounds, Grumpy and team have made a huge contribution for all 4x4 drivers and campers using the area.

Grumpy organised for the materials to be donated, worked with DEPI, and run the working bees to get the work done that has made O'Tooles a much better place and ensured that these campgrounds will be kept open.

This is a fantastic model for 4 wheel drivers looking to keep infrastructure available for all of us to enjoy.  Have a listen, have a think and hopefully do the same thing in your back yard to keep open the tracks and campgrounds that we all love.



Aug 19, 2015

In this episode we interview Jason Lock from TJM to learn how to properly and safely use a Snatch Strap.  Used poorly, Snatch Straps can kill, so it is really important that you know exactly what you are doing to avoid killing or injuring yourself or someone else, as well as avoiding damage to your vehicle.

We also look at what to look at in a snatch strap and what brands to avoid.



Aug 17, 2015

Our first Track covers  the story of my first trip out in my Jeep Patriot and we are going to cover off on all of the mistakes that I made on my first trip out.  There was a lot of them, including the vehicle ending up on the back of a truck, going back to Jeep for repairs!  More importantly we will go over some great tips to help you be much better preparing to go offroad in your 4x4!

Aug 13, 2015

In this track we learn about the story of 4x4earth, how it all started and how we want to spread our love of 4 wheel driving and enjoying the great outdoors.  We go over the early days of the forum, talk about a couple of the early mods.  We also discuss our tracks map, with over 1,000 4WD tracks to explore.

I'll also discuss my 4WD.  What mods I've done and want I wan to do to my BT-50.

We also look at why 4 wheel driving is so important for many country towns.  Enjoy!